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Small blocks assembling into large structure
City of Richmond
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Rochelle Monk
Community Affairs Coordinator

Neighborhood Services
COR Connect (suggestions, requests, complaints)
Permits, Planning Dept.
Planning applications
Planning Dept. home page
City Department Phone Directory

Richmond Public Library
On-line catalog

Richmond Police Department
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Crime Watch and Crime Prevention
Districts and Beats

Contra Costa Supervisor John Gioa
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Neighborhoods USA
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Richmond Neighborhood Council websites

Marina Bay Neighborhood Council
North and East Neighborhood Council

Point Richmond Neighborhood Council
Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council

RNCC Documents

Ground Rules for meetings
Speaker Request Form (PDF for print and mail)
Speaker Request Form (Word document for e-mailing)
RNCC Bylaws
Use either of these 2 Word templates to prepare minutes. Instructions included:
RNCC Agenda template
RNCC Minutes template