Each Neighborhood Council can select two (2) members as representatives to the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC).  Representatives are given an opportunity to submit monthly reports on events and concerns in their neighborhoods.

RNCC meetings are also attended by representatives from the City.  The City Manager, Police Department, Fire Department, Planning Department, Public Works, Engineering department.  Departments participate regularly in assisting neighborhood representatives to acquire knowledge and to obtain access to those who can best help their neighborhoods resolve problems.  Representatives from the County, State and Federal government also attend from time to time.

Speakers are often invited to discuss issues of importance to the local communities.  Topics range in interest from political action, health services, environmental concerns, new construction projects, to local schools and any other matters that affect the image, safety and livability of our city.

The RNCC may take action on items when member Neighborhood Councils request assistance with a specific problem, or if the membership feels that a common problem requires common action.  The members participate in and support many events in the greater Richmond Area.