RNCC Officer Eligibility Policy

A couple of years ago the bylaws were changed to go with a calendar year for tax purposes.  This means that the candidates who will be your officers for the next year must come from neighborhoods that are in good standing in the current year.

In order to be on the slate of nominated officers, your neighborhood must have paid its dues for the current year, and have attended at least 6 of the last 12 meetings.

In order to be installed in December, your neighborhood must have paid the next year’s dues by installation date.

If you are on the slate of nominees, or are nominated from the floor, and are elected in November, you need to see that your council’s dues are paid for the next year before the December meeting, in order to avoid any delays with installation to your elected position.

It is vital that we operate within our bylaws in order to remain a 501c3 organization, and that we do not get into trouble with the state or federal government.