We come together as neighborhood people working to preserve and improve our neighborhoods.

As neighborhood people we have the right to self determination and empowerment, to be advised and consulted on public policies and private/public initiatives affecting our neighborhoods.  To have our neighborhood values, culture and history recognized and respected; and to have the authority and resources to establish neighborhood organizations.

As neighborhood people we have the responsibility to advise government and others of neighborhood values, culture and history.  To listen to the views of all residents.  To help one another to care for children, the aging and others in need; to promote self sufficiency of residents and economic and social development of the neighborhood; to guide our youth; to look out for the safety of our homes and streets, maintain our properties, and make proper use of public facilities ; and to strive diligently to achieve liberty and justice for all.

As neighborhood people we look to a variety of governments, voluntary organizations, businesses and philanthropy to meet neighborhood needs for personal, social and economic development.  To fund neighborhood organizations and services; to respect neighborhood values, culture and history; and to be held accountable for how their actions affect our neighborhoods.

As neighborhood people we ask that the actions of neighborhood residents and organizations, governments, business and philanthropy be guided by the principal of equity, participation and accountability.