RNCC Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2016

1.   President Stanly Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

2.   Report from President Anderson.

3.   There were no minutes of the March 14th, 2016 meeting.  They will be approved in the future.

4.   Representatives from the following (21) neighborhoods introduced themselves and some gave reports: Belding Woods, Castro Heights, Coronado, Fairmede/Hilltop, Greenbriar, Hilltop District, Hilltop Village, Laurel Park, Marina Bay, North & East, Panhandle Annex, Parchester Village, Park Plaza, Point Richmond, Pullman, Richmond Annex, Richmond Heights, Richmore Village, Santa Fe, Shields-Reid, Southwest Annex.

5.   Announcements from RNCC PIO: Garland Ellis

6.   City Department Heads/City Official Reports:

Public Works: Warren Williams (his last appearance at RNCC; he is leaving Richmond):  Auditorium ADA updates beginning; work continues on Nevin Avenue and the median strip on Carlson.

City Manager/Community Coordinator: Rochelle Monk, now Director of Community Services: in May, City Manager and Finance Director Belinda Warner will present the budget to RNCC; she is one month into her new role – will stay with the Volunteer program and now is Director of the Recreation Dept.  She will work with the RNCC Board on her presentations.

Mayor’s office: Alex Knox and Irene Perdomo: Richmond has a seat on the oversight committee on transportation for Measure J; City doing a study on annexation of North Richmond; Bike to Work Day is May 12th; a new survey of food stores to inventory what they carry.

Police Department: Lt. Brian Dickerson.  Subject:  “Professional Standards” moves to the 2nd floor of the Community Services Bldg. and becomes the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA).  They will offer mediation for citizen complaints against Police.

Code Enforcement: Tim Higares, Director of Infrastructure and Maintenance Management:  Code Enforcement has moved out of the Police Dept.; the biggest problem is tax-defaulted properties.

Planning Department:  Roberta Feliciano – current project list.

Fire Department: no representative

WCCUSD:  Marcus Walton:  Dr. Harter leaves in June, so District is doing interviews in May.

7.   Presentations: 1) Tim Higares and Jim Becker, CEO of the Richmond Community Foundation:  Social Impact Bonds/Home Renovation Program. A home within 1,000 ft. of an abandoned property loses 13% of its value. The plan is to acquire and rehab abandoned houses through grants and then to sell them to first-time buyers who already live in Richmond.  These buyers will go through Sparkpoint to learn to be buyer-ready.  This is not “affordable housing,” because that would depress the market.  There is no bidding competition.  If more than one family can buy the house there is a lottery. Now there are 200 of these houses.  The plan is to do 40/year.  Later – empty lots.

8.   Old Business:

9.   New Business:

10. Adjournment:
 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Sandi Genser-Maack
for Jan Mignone
Recording Secretary