RNCC Meeting Minutes, April 14, 2014

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M by President Don Woodrow. There was an announcement that a get well card for Ray Sitton from Fairmede/Hilltop was going around and an announcement from George Schmidt that there was still room for a few more people at NUSA Conference from May 21st to May 24th. Jan Mignone, Rochelle Monk and another City Manager staff member are already going.

2. MSP approval of the Minutes from  March 14, 2014

3. Representatives from the following (18) neighborhoods introduced themselves and some gave reports: Belding/Woods, Eastshore, Hilltop Villages, Laurel Park, Marina Bay, May Valley, North & East, Panhandle Annex, Parchester Village, Park Plaza, Pt. Richmond, Pullman, Quail Hill, Richmond Annex, Richmond Heights, Richmore Village/ Metro Square, Santa Fe, and Shields/Reid.

4. City Department Heads/City Official Reports:

      Public Works: Yader Bermudez was not available but Robert Chelemedos was there in his place. He brought the 3 week paving schedule and talked about the revamping of Shields/Reid Park.

     Engineering Services: Tawfic Halaby was not available and no one came in his place.

     City Manager/Community Coordinator: Rochelle Monk talked about Community budget meetings and that she or the City Manager’s office may be reaching out to NCs asking for them to host a meeting. She has booked 2 rooms for the NUSA conference and we will have a presentation from those that attended NUSA. The neighborhood cleanup is transitioning from the City Manager’s office to Code Enforcement and it is going smoothly.

      Mayor’s office: Nicole Valentine spoke about the Mayor’s going to San Quentin and the Day of Peace – Richmond project that she has been involved with at San Quentin. She also talked about Cinco de Mayo, the opening of Pt. Molate beach and the Youth Summit all day on April 19th. The second reading of the minimum wage ordinance.

      Police Department: Chief Magnus was unavailable but Captain Mark Gagan was there in his place and he told us about the “Dear John” letters that they would be sending out to the owners of cars that frequent the known prostitution locations. They also have postcards that tell “Johns” that their pictures will be released to the public for all to see. There is a 20% reduction in violent crime and 27% reduction overall crime.

      Code Enforcement: Tim Higares was unavailable but Captain Mark Gagan brought an email and pictures from the burned out house on Leake Way in Parchester Village. The pictures showed the area before Code Enforcement received the Courts okay to demolish the house and what it looked like once they were complete. It’s now a clean vacant lot.

     Environmental Manager: Lynne Scarpa was not available.

     Planning Department: Hector Rojas talked about the project list that was just updated as well as the long range planning projects. The Chevron modernization project EIR comment period is almost over and the Livable Corridors Zoning should be coming to City Council in July. There is also an urban land use plan that is being worked on so people can farm and grow food on property that is not theirs.

     Fire Department: Terry Harris talked about making a safer Richmond and they were getting $15,000.00 in portable training equipment to make them better firefighters. He also talked about fire extinguishers and that you should have them recharged every year and it would be a great idea if the Fire Department could give fire extinguisher training.

5. Announcements from RNCC PIO: Garland Ellis has some information that Eleanor Loyne had given him about Measure C, there was also information about a Chevron public hearing on April 23rd at the City Council Chambers. The Eastshore Easter Egg hunt would be Saturday April 19th. The Library Foundation is having a book program at the Courtyard by Marriott on May 1, 2013.

6. Presentations:

      1) John Gioia spoke to us as a member of Doctors Hospital Board of Directors and was giving us an overview of why the bond Measure C is the only way to save Doctors Hospital. It will raise the $20 million that they need to run the hospital and treat all of those that have a stroke and or heart attack. Doctors is the only cardiac trauma center in our area and without Doctors we would have to go to Alta Bates or Walnut Creek and in rush hour traffic you could die. There is no one that would partner with a losing money hospital but by supporting Doctors, you give them a shot at getting someone interested in partnering with them. If Measure C does not pass then Doctors will close in July and we all would be without cardiac trauma.

     2) Chevron’s Modernization Project; we heard from Nicole Barber regarding this project and it is a billion dollar investment project. Chevron does not process heavy crude and this is not to make it easier for them to process heavy crude. This is to replace the hydrogen plant with a newer and more efficient one.  This new plant will be able to take more sulfur out of the crude. There will be town hall meetings regarding this project and they welcome the community’s input. Chevron reports each year to the City of Richmond, Contra Costa County, the Air Quality Board and want to have town hall meetings to keep the public informed. 7. Old Business: None 8. New Business: None 9. Adjournment: 8:53 pm

Thank you to Park Plaza and Laurel Park NCs for the refreshments

Respectfully submitted by

Stanly Anderson Recording Secretary