RNCC Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2010



Monday, July 12, 2010


1.  The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Bea Roberson.


2.  MSP approval of the Minutes of the General Meeting of June 14, 2010 with one abstention.


3.  Representatives from 14 neighborhoods introduced themselves and gave a report.


4.  Announcements from RNCC PIO:  Naomi Williams reported on current events and correspondence in the RNCC binder, which was then passed around for members to view. Special emphasis was given to National Night Out in August.


5. City Department Heads/City Official Reports: 

  • Planning:  Lamont Thompson distributed the list of active projects which included a map of the neighborhoods. There were several comments, corrections & suggestions. No date has been established when the General Plan & EIR revisions will be done.
  • Engineering Services:  Tawfic Halaby is the new pavement manager for the City.  He gave a brief history of the poor condition of the streets and the City’s approach to paving the worst streets first.  Unfortunately, this practice used up all the funds quickly.  The new approach going forward is to use data analysis to identify streets in fair to good condition and spend more money on improving those streets so that the money spent goes further.  The good news is that federal funds for street repair are the same as Oakland, which is a larger city.  Hopefully there will be more improvements in the future.  Members can contact Mr. Halaby at 510-621-1612 or via the City web site.
  • Mayor’s office:  Marilyn Langlois handed out a sheet of upcoming events, public hearings and study sessions.  She also announced the new appointments to the Planning Board and congratulated member Virginia Finley whose term is up.
  • City Manager/Community Coordinator: Rochelle Monk explained  that there will soon be a new Core Connect system that is linked to the City system.  She will offer a training session at the September RNCC meeting.  The City is also constructing a new web site and neighborhood councils can have their own page and links. Rochelle is notifying neighborhoods that will have the neighborhood clean up this year.  Any neighborhood sponsoring National Night Out should check with Rochelle to make sure their paperwork is complete.
  • Police Department: Chief Chris Magnus discussed that crime is down 8% over last year, especially violent crimes.  Property crimes need more work and the RPD will be holding town hall meetings in all three districts in the fall to get citizen input.  Graffiti abatement is now within the RPD.  The new number to phone is: 510-965-4905 and the messages are checked daily.  The Chief mentioned that the draft medical marijuana ordinance is coming up at the next City Council meeting.  Those concerned should attend. He pointed out that the 9 pot clubs in Richmond are illegal due to paperwork.  The RPD is working on a new sound permit for events happening in parks.  The Chief encouraged input from the RNCC.   Michelle Milam discussed in detail the National Night Out coming up August 3rd.  The theme this year is improved lighting  in neighborhoods.  The kick off is at Target at 5 PM and the end party is on Main Street.  She encouraged neighborhoods to participate and contact her for information and applications.
  • Environmental Manager:  Lynne Scarpa passed out information on non-toxic ways to control fleas.  She also explained how the City is trying to use fewer toxins in their waste water system.
  • Public Works:   Yader Bermudez – not present.


6. Presentation:  Jerry Yosida and George Schmidt made a presentation on the NUSA Conference they attended in Little Rock Arkansas in May.  They passed around binders of information about the workshops they attended and they showed a DVD of the inspirational keynote speakers:  Governor Beebe and President Bill Clinton.


7. Old Business:  Unfortunately, representatives from our sister city in China did not attend the General Meeting.  Their visit was cancelled the morning of the meeting.


8.  New Business: Jim Jenkins, the web master of the RNCC web site, has resigned.  Don Woodrow volunteered to post the agendas and the minutes only.  Jerry Yosida, Corresponding Secretary, will send a note of thanks to Jim for his work.  It was suggested that there be a link to the RNCC web site on the City web site.


9.  Adjournment:   The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.


The next General meeting is September 13, 2010 and the next Board Meeting is July 19, 2010.  The month of August is dark for meetings.


Thank you to Pullman & Panhandle Annex Neighborhood Councils for providing refreshments.



Respectfully submitted,