Agenda for May 10, 2010


Richmond Works/East Bay Works, 330 25th Street, Conference Room 1, 7:00 p.m.

1.  Call to Order.

2.  Approval of Minutes of April 17th, 2010 meeting.

     3.  Introductions & Neighborhood Reports (Announce Your Name and affiliation and one (1) person per neighborhood give your neighborhood report.

4.  RNCC PIO Announcements:

·         Correspondence and Announcements, Naomi Williams, PIO-If you have any announcements for any other entity other than your neighborhood please give any information you have to our PIO.  She will make the announcements and post them so that anyone who is interested in the event can take notes.  There will be a place where they are displayed rather than hand out copies of paper that we just throw away.

5.  Reports From City Staff:

  • Planning Dept.-Lamont Thompson.
  • Engineering-Edric Qwan.
  • Mayor’s Office-Marilyn Langlois.
  • City Manager/Community Affairs-Rochelle Monk.
  • Police Dept.-Chief Chris Magnus or Rep.
  • Environmental Manager Lynn Scarpa.
  • Public Works-Yader Bermudez

6.  Break  (Refreshments provided by North & East and Iron Triangel-THANK YOU!!!)

7.  Presentations:  Richmond Convention & Visitors  Bureau—Michelle Itagaki

 Chevron, Community outreach department, Heather Kulp-Tours available and   better relationships with the community

  8. Old Business:   Suggested additions to Resource Guide-Vice President Woodrow.

9. New Busniness: Mail Policies

10. Adjournment

Next RNCC General Meeting: Monday, June 14th, 2010.

Next RNCC Executive Meeting: Monday, May 17th, 2010.