RNCC Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2010

1.  The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Bea Roberson.


2.  MSP approval of the Minutes of the General Meeting of February 8, 2010. The Agenda & Minutes will now be emailed to all representatives unless specifically requested by snail mail.


3..  Representatives from  13 neighborhoods introduced themselves and gave a report.


4.  Announcements from RNCC PIO:  Naomi Williams  reported on current events and correspondence in the RNCC binder which was then passed around for members to view.  A resource binder of important information was also available  for members to view and take copies.


5.  City Department Heads/City Official Reports:

  • Planning:  Lamont Thompson was absent, so Rochelle Monk  distributed the list of active projects.
  • Engineering Services:  Edric Kwan introduced Chad Davisson , the Wastewater Project Manager, who spoke about the scope of his job and handed out information about the sewer rate increase.  There will be a public hearing about the rate increase and improvements to the sewer system on March 23, 2010.
  • Mayor’s office:  Marilyn Langlois  announced upcoming events, publlic hearings and study sessions for March/April.
  • City Manager/Community Coordinator:  Rochelle Monk reported that she does not yet have the list for neighborhood clean-ups but it will be coming soon. She passed out an informational sheet from vector control and announced that she and City Manager, Bill Lindsay, will be speaking to the Executive Board on March 15 and to the General Session on April 12 about the mailing costs for RNCC vis-a-vis the current budget cuts.
  • Police Department: Chief Chris Magnus announced a special study session during the March 23 City Council Meeting when the Police Department will be providing an update on efforts to address and  reduce violent crime.  The “Daytime Curfew Ordinance” will be part of the proposal. He provided handouts about the curfew ordinance proposal, recent police activities, a newly funded juvenile diversion program and reported on the hire of another DA specifically hired to deal with gun crimes.   Crime stats are down and the enhanced DA services will help with that.
  • Environmental Manager:  Lynne Scarpa  discussed low cost alternatives and non-chemical alternatives for controlling aphids without using pesticides. 


6. Presentation:  Josh Meyer, from the Local Government Commission, a non-profit from Sacramento, and Nancy Baer from the Contra Costa Health Services gave a presentation  on a Pedestrian Plan for the City.  They have partnered with the City and MIG to conduct planning and community outreach activities.  When complete in late 2010, the Plan will help the City set priorities, seek funding, and establish policies to improve the walking environment.   Workshops are planned for March & April and some spots on an Advisory  Group are open for community participation.


8. Old Business:  There was no Old Business.


9.  New Business:  Garland Ellis gave a report on the status of various City ordinances, what they are about, where there are in the pipeline and how RNCC members can find out more information about them.  Garland personally follows the progress of these ordinances and the RNCC found his report very informational and interesting.


10.  Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.


The next General meeting is April 12, 2010 and the next Board Meeting is March 15, 2010.


Thank you to Fairmede/Hilltop and Marina Bay neighborhood councils for providing food and refreshments.  May Valley and Carriage Hills North will provide refreshments for the April 12 meeting.


Respectfully submitted: 

Kaye McKleroy

Recording Secretary