RNCC Meeting Minutes, December 14, 2009

1.  MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Loynd at 7:05 p.m.


2.  Agenda addition:  Mayor, Gayle McLaughlin, thanked the RNCC for their service and community spirit.  Ingoing and outgoing officers congratulated.  The Mayor announced her new Richmond Youth Job Corps for 2010.  Green initiatives now on City website. “Meet the Mayor” is January 8, 2010.


3.  MSP approval of Minutes of meeting of November 9, 2009.


4.  Eighteen Neighborhood Council representatives introduced themselves and gave a positive report from their neighborhoods.


5.  The City Clerk, Diane Holmes, installed the new officers:  President: Bea Roberson, Vice President: Don Woodrow, Recording Secretary: Kaye McKleroy, Sergeant-at-arms:  George Schmidt, Public Information Officer:  Naomi Williams, Directors-at-large:  Pamela Wimberly, Janie Holland and Garland Ellis.  Treasurer, Judie Lowman and Corresponding Secretary, Jerry Yoshida were absent.


6. The outgoing President, Eleanor Loynd presented the gavel to incoming President, Bea Roberson.  The incoming President thanked and presented gifts to Eleanor Loynd, outgoing President, and Paul Miao, outgoing Corresponding Secretary. Sandi Gense-Maack, outgoing Recording Secretary, was thanked in absentia.


7. City Department Heads and City Official Reports:

·         Planning:  Lamont Thompson handed out list of active projects.

·         City Manager’s Office:  Rochelle Monk, no report.

·         Police Department:  Beginning in January, Beat officers will organize meetings with various neighborhoods.  Staffing levels beginning to reach goals & more officers to be hired, study sessions on daytime and nighttime curfews will begin in January, new noise ordinance being worked on, crime is down 11% in 2009.

·         Fire Department:  Michael Banks updated the investigation of the vehicle fires in El Sobrante & Richmond, emphasized fire safety during the holidays, and reported on promotions and hiring.

·         Other agencies not present.


8.  Board Announcements:

  • Janie Holland:  sign-up for food for 2010
  • Eleanor Loynd:  new PG&E meter installation slated for 2010
  • Naomi Williams:  Crime prevention meeting on Dec 16, 2009 at 330 25th Street.
  • RNCC representatives thanked for donation of toys to Police/Fire program.

 9.  Adjourn:  8 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Kaye McKleroy, Recording Secretary


NEXT RNCC GENERAL MEETING:  January 11th, 2010

NEXT RNCC BOARD MEETING: January 25th, 2010