RNCC Meeting Minutes, February 9, 2009

1.  MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Loynd at 7:00 p.m.


2.  SELF INTRODUCTIONS by each person present.


3.  February 9th AGENDA REVIEW– Rochelle Monk not present; City Manager Bill Lindsay will give her report.  Lt. Shawn Pickett to give the Police Dept. report.


4.  MINUTES of January 12th General Meeting-Approved unanimously.


5.  NEIGHBORHOOD REPORTS: Castro Heights, Cortez/Stege, Iron Triangle, Hilltop Village, Greenbriar, Carriage Hills North, Richmore Village, Santa Fe, Panhandle Annex, Pullman, Fairmede/Hilltop, North & East, Pt. Richmond, Richmond Heights, May Valley, Coronado, Quail Hill, Downtown Association, Southwest Annex, Parchester, Richmond Annex, Laurel Park.  Discussion of number of neighborhood councils represented:  22 gave reports.




  • PLANNING DEPT.: Lamont Thompson not present.  President Loynd gave report on General Plan Advisory Committee – no meetings scheduled.  Plan to be released for public review on Feb. 27th.  Public meetings to be announced through April.


  • PUBLIC SERVICES: Rich Davidson, Speaker.  Has received a grant which will have an impact on all of us; 18 months, starting in March, $250,000, regarding walking, repairing sidewalks, adding wheelchair ramps.  One citywide meeting, one meeting in each of four neighborhoods to be selected.


  • MAYOR’S OFFICE: Marilyn Langlois, Speaker; Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meets first Monday at 6 p.m.  Going for a grant for a city bike plan.  Mayor working toward keeping all schools open.  East Bay Green Corridor made up of Mayors, UC, Lawrence Lab, will host a public event in June.  March 7 is 2nd annual Women’s Day.


  • CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE: Bill Lindsay, Speaker. Has articles for neighborhood council newsletters; everyone can sign up to get his weekly report via email; no Richmond school will be closed from now at least through 2011.  The City is giving the school district $1.5 million.  The Mid-year financial report is conservative; times are “tough” but “normal.”  Coming up – implementation of Measure T; move to real City Hall beginning weekend of April 17; celebration of City Hall Sept. 12th.  Grants for community health from California endowment for the short term health element of the General Plan and for the 10 year.


  • Police Dept., Lt. Shawn Pickett, Investigative Services.  Discussion of the hate crime in LeMoine Park.  Please get license numbers of litterbugs and call them in to 620-6613.


7. BREAK 8:00-Refreshments provided by North & East and Fairmede/Hilltop-THANK YOU!!


8. PRESENTATIONS: Redevelopment agency, Alan Wolken, Director. 307-8140. Redevelopment merged project areas so money could be spent in all areas.  Want to raise cap and extend power of eminent domain for 12 years.  Have used twice in 10 years:  for Target on Macdonald and at12th & Macdonald; never use on residential properties.  Parks & Recreation Commission, Debbi Landshoff, Speaker.  If anyone sees white vans after 3:30, no logos, setting out cones, please call police non-emergency at 233-1214.  People are stealing wire.


9. EXECUTIVE BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: Holland – neighborhood councils can support PAL by buying bricks; Genser-Maack – new round of Historic Preservation Awards, nominations due March 31; Harris – NAACP Banquet honoring their 100th anniversary.


10. OLD BUSINESS: Schmidt report on RNCC archives; Williams – please check your   NC boundaries for the map; Reports on School Closure meetings:  Loynd, Genser-Maack, Christian.




Meeting Adjourned by President Loynd at 9:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Sandi Genser-Maack, Recording Secretary