RNCC Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2009

1.    Call to order at 7 p.m. by President Loynd

2.    Introductions

3.    Approval of 1/12/09 agenda.  MSP, unanimous.

4.    Minutes of meeting of 12/8/08 MSP, unanimous.

5.    Countryside NC now to be known as Castro Heights.  Tanya Boyce of Cortez Stege passing Presidency to Kevin Hampton.
6.    Change 6a. Planning Dept. Report to 6e. Police Dept. as Chief Magnus has to leave.
e. RPD Report – Chris Magnus, Chief
o    Crime down 15%; homicides down 44% — credit goes to partnership with community.
o    Recent gang rape – all four suspects arrested and charges, thanks to community effort.
o    Three OBAT (One Block at a Time) in 2008.  Will refine in 2009 and ask that the relevant NC will have volunteer support when OBAT comes.
o    There is a record 21 new Neighborhood Watch groups.
o    Walk & Knocks – door-to-door with Officers, Cadets, residents, handing out crime prevention information
o    Goals for department: improve quality of work;; continue implementation of new technology, including part two of camera project; AVL – automatic vehicle locator; mobile data computers installed in cars; Laurie Hill – crime analysis; emphasize teamwork; crime reduction 20% in 2009.

a. Planning Dept. Report – Lamont Thompson, Senior Planner
Received $4million from Chevron.  Will receive a check every January through 2014.

b. Public Works – Rich Davidson, Director
o    Due to the State Budget situation, all grant money is currently frozen, but not lost.
o    Public can still make comments on the General Plan; contact Lori Reese-Brown.
o    Bike lane plans now include Sharows.  Need to educate drivers through KCRT, WCT.  Suggestion that the logo be painted yellow.

c. Mayors Office – Marilyn Langlois
o    Meet with the Mayor discussion on how to spend Measure T money included job training for solar installation; all kinds of education; violence prevention; completing the renovation of the Plunge.
o    Business license fees are due March 15th,, and are delinquent April 15th. So far there are no legal challenges.
o    Regarding school closures, the Mayor is working with the school board and has asked the City Manager to find money to help keep Richmond schools open.

d. City Manager’s Office – Rochelle Monk
o    Will have NC maps in February
o    Asks if the City Manager can sometimes add items to NC newsletters.  Suggestion that those items be sent to the NCs and the President/editor and use if desired.
o    Everyone can sign-up for the City Manager’s weekly e-news on Home Page of city website:  www.ci.richmond.ca.us
o    Neighborhood clean-ups:  Richmond Annex, Cortez Stege added to list.
o    Need help with planning a recognition event for Graffiti Abatement program volunteers.

8.    HEAL – Andres Soto, Program Director
Healthy Eating, Active Living.  Study of parks.  Hopes to visit all NC meetings.

9.    a. List of correspondence received – Paul Miao, Corresponding Secretary
b. Announcements – Naomi Williams, PIO

10.    b. RNCC write a letter regarding the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC).
g. Communications Committee still in existence; will be coming forward with
proposal for a brochure.

11.    a.  MSP to continue current practice of not holding an RNCC meeting in August.
b. School Closures – discussion.
c. If any representative has a neighborhood issue, write it up and get it to the
RNCC Board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

2/9 – Richmond Heights and Iron Triangle
3/9 – Fairmede/Hilltop and North & East