RNCC Meeting Minutes, September 8, 2008

1. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Graham at 7:00 p.m.

2. SELF INTRODUCTIONS by each person present.

3. SEPTEMBER 8TH AGENDA REVIEW-Approved unanimously.

4. MINUTES of July 14th 2008 meeting-Approved unanimously.

: Carriage Hills North, Coronado, Marina Bay, May Valley, North & East, Parchester Village, Point Richmond, Richmond Annex, Richmond Heights, Santa Fe, Southwest Annex, Downtown Association.

6. NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR 2009 OFFICERS APPOINTED: Norman Yates-Coronado, Jack Etherington-Greenbriar, Wilhelmina Abraham-Laurel Park, Eleanor Loynd-May Valley, Paul Mijo-Southwest Annex.


PLANNING DEPT: Lamont Thompson, Joe Light, speakers;
• Chevron Renewal Project passed by City Council, lawsuit filed on project by opposition groups.
• Design Review Board/Planning Commission Merger Community meeting 9/25, 7:00 p.m.
• Target & Wal Mart liquor license issuance now before Planning Dept.
• Green Business Ordinance discussed.

MAYOR’S OFFICE: Marilyn Langlois, speaker;
• Meet with the Mayor sessions resumed in September.
• Mayor attended Little League banquet, 1st annual Lao Multi Ethnic Festival.
• Frontline Richmond & Mask program updates
• Measure T to go before City Council on 9/16.

CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE: Bill Lindsay, speaker;
• Public Works (for Rich Davidson); Sewer lateral program update including City program for residents to get up to $3,000 for lateral replacement-must have 3 bids before application.
• Neighborhood maps to be ready in October.
• One Block at a Time Program in progress, Iron Triangle’s to be held 9/13.
• Port Report: Honda bringing in more cars.

BREAK 7:50 Refreshments provided by Coronado and Richmond Annex-THANK YOU!!

POLICE DEPT. Chief Magnus, Michelle Milam speakers;
• Neighborhood Vehicle Noise-Info cards provided to report infractions.
• Gang Task Force getting good results; indictments are in the works.
• New motorcycles purchased
• Traffic checkpoints continue-handout provided explaining program.
• One Block at a Time project started.
• Bicycle patrols in place.

8. PRESENTATIONS: Jim Levine, Upstream, LLC:
Pt. Molate update: Project EIR to be out in October; Project to include job training, 4-5 contractors from the Bay Area involved; Info available at ptmolateresort.com or 501-596-9501.

• Third Reading of By-Laws, Article III; Change approved unanimously Council members present.

10. OLD BUSINESS: DRB/Planning Commission merger meeting with Councilmember Viramontes-sign up sheet distributed. Merger going before 10/2 Planning Commission meeting.

• KCRT Candidates Night Forum on October 1 set, 6:00 p.m. President Graham, Sergeant –At-Arms Yoshida and Directors-At-Large Williams and Schmidt to represent RNCC panel.
• RNCC Website proposal presented to membership. Vote to approve proposal from Nick Despota, Lumina Media Productions to design the RNCC website for a fee of $800. Proposal approved with 1 nay, 0 abstentions.
• Eleanor Loynd (May Valley)

Additions to September 8th Minutes Post Meeting:
The following submitted by the Pt Richmond NC:
• The moratorium on new cell antenna sites has been extended another 6 months to March, 2009.
• The new telecommunications ordinance is still pending, waiting for the outcome of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals en banc review of the Sprint vs. San Diego case. When that review is concluded, depending on the outcome, the new Ordinance will be submitted to the City Council as is or after revision (if needed).
• Regarding the lawsuit regarding the T-Mobile site at 260 Water Street, there is a court hearing Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008.

Meeting Adjourned by President Graham at 9:05 p.m.

James Jenkins, Recording Secretary

NEXT RNCC BOARD MEETING – September 15th, 2008