RNCC Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2008

1. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by President Graham at 7:00 p.m.

2. GROUND RULES Read by Director-At-Large George Schmidt

3. SELF INTRODUCTIONS by each person present.


5. MINUTES of May 12, 2008 meeting-Approved

6. NEIGHBORHOOD REPORTS: Coronado (5/21 Pot Luck a success!), Cortez/Stege, Fairmede/Hilltop, May Valley, North & East, Pt. Richmond, Pullman, Richmond Heights, Richmore Village.

•    PLANNING DEPT: Lamont Thompson, speaker;
•    City Council moratorium on massage parlors.
•    Text amendment regarding eating establishments in process.
•    Chevron expansion update; Planning Commission recertified EIR on 6/5 with cap recommendations.
•    No info yet on the Kohl’s Department Store project.
•    Provided Planning Dept. Neighborhood Project handout.

PUBLIC SERVICES: Rich Davidson, speaker;
•    Presentation focused on stop signs.  Process includes that a stop sign must be warranted; has to be strategically placed; requires a study; requires a petition submitted from the Neighborhood Council; selection of a contractor then needed before request in completed.
•    July presentation will be on contractors
MAYOR’S OFFICE: Marilyn Langlois, speaker;
•    Community gardens & Meet the Mayor meetings continuing.
•    Update on ONS-Advisory Committee established; Mayor’s office currently involved in many anti-violence initiatives.
•    Juneteenth Festival.
•    Wireless Ordinance progress continuing.
CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE: Bill Lindsay speaker;
•    2008-2009 Budget balanced, goes to City Council for final approval on 6/17; Reported some positions needed to be cut, waiting to see what the state’s budget will be before any other action taken for Richmond’s.
•    Discussed rail traffic problems.
•    Took questions regarding Para transit, Contra Costa County service cuts and their impact on Richmond.
BREAK 8:00 Refreshments provided by Quail Hill & Hilltop Village-THANK YOU!!

POLICE DEPT. Chief Magnus, Michelle Milam, speakers:
•     Discussed new neighborhood blight abatement program ready to be launched involving door hangers (in Spanish & English).  Parchester Village first in line for program.  Michelle Milam to be contacted for further info.
•     2008 National Night Out planning in process.  Applications provided.  Target to sponsor kickoff and closing parties this year.
•    Discussed Citizens Academy and provided applications.
•    Discussed street light replacement procedures.

WCCUSD: Dr. Bruce Harter, Superintendent, speaker:
•    School Board will be asking to extend the current parcel tax for November’s ballot.
•    33 of 53 schools in the district have been upgraded/improved.
•    Provided copies of the WCCUSD 2006-07 Annual Report.

•    Director-At-Large Williams Holland discussed Juneteenth Festival and how Neighborhood Councils can participate.
•    First Reading of By-Laws, Article III handed out.  NC’s to report back on any changes at the July meeting (will be 3 readings in total).

9. OLD BUSINESS/Committee Reports:
•     Apple Moth Spraying update by Eleanor Loynd-May Valley; Handed out letter from EBMUD to CDFA as a template for RNCC Board to use to write CDFA as well.
•    President Graham passed around sign up sheet asking for additional volunteers for Committees.

•    Pt Richmond President and RAP Committee member Robin Carpenter gave update on the Telecommunications Ordinance-Ad Hoc Committee now established, Ordinance is currently 20 pages in length, constitutionality currently being challenged.
•    David Vincent discussed update on the Plunge renovation; $500K received for 1st phase, fundraiser currently in process for 2nd phase of raising another $500K.  Asking NC’s for contributions (handout provided).
•    PIO Holland informed body on what to do if a NC wanted to participate in the Juneteenth parade by car or walking contingent-application needed to be processed and submitted.

Meeting Adjourned by President Graham at 9:00 p.m.

James Jenkins, Recording Secretary